Lord Whitney 'Seeds of Hope'

Scott Hall Mills tenants Lord Whitney open their new exhibition, Seeds of Hope in collaboration with Harewood House open every day from 30th June - 4th November 2018.

Seeds of Hope reimagines stories from 100 years ago, where necessity has won out over beauty and the country is coming to terms with sacrifice and loss. But there is joy and life to be found here. Following in fictional characters footsteps, audiences move freely through a story of life, community and spirit, and find a hope for a better future.

Experience a new immersive installation, filled with beautiful sets, soundscapes and narratives. Discover untold stories and explore hidden spaces, where the past comes to life within the grounds of the grand Harewood Estate.

Lord Whitney collaborate with Harewood House Trust, David Allison, Passport and Buffalo to offer a work of fiction inspired by the real people and stories of Harewood. Read more / book here

Amy Lord